Once Again…

Out of frustration, I started another account. I couldn’t remember any of my account information for the other blogging sites I’ve had. This is what I get for having multiple email addresses and passwords. But I mean… it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side; it just sucks forgetting. I suppose writing these kind of things would be helpful, but I’m quite terrible at remembering where I’ve placed certain things. Talk about memory loss.

Anyway, it’s a quarter til 5… am, that is. I really shouldn’t get comfortable with staying up this late since, for the last four months, I finally fixed my sleeping schedule. I went from going to bed at 7am to actually getting tired around midnight. Pretty dramatic change in lifestyle, I must admit. My eyes are getting irritated and weary, most likely from staring at this computer screen for hours now with an exception of doing laundry and folding clothes. -Which, by the way, I’ve realized that oil stains are at the top of my pet peeves list. I highly advise everyone to check for chapstick before deciding to wash any article of clothing with pockets…

Reverting back to why I started this account: I need a place to dump all my older blog posts that I, personally, enjoyed typing up or have just felt are worthy keeping. I mean, that’ll be my initial purpose for this, but knowing myself, I’ll end up rambling on about whatever I’m currently infatuated with or something along the lines of what is going on in my head. Was it really necessary for my first post to be about my purpose? Well, why not? It’s like the introduction of an essay; you can’t just begin without an explanation… it just sounds awkward if I were to just be straight forward and dump a crapload of posts all in one sitting. Imagine if someone were to come across this and realize 15 posts were all from one day… I, myself, would like some sort of explanation for one’s said actions. So, here it is.


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